Recording Noise Atmospheric

 Recording Phenomen Diffusion

 Recording Beacon

My echo at 60° - F5OUX Echo - Opening with ZL

Reflexion Back-Scatter 230 ° - F5AD - Nimes/Grenoble - Skip 185Kms

Reflexion Side-Scatter with IW0HBY - Roma/Grenoble - Skip 660Kms

Long Delay Echo (LDE) with US5D

Long Delay Echo (LDE) with KD4FNI

Long Delay Echo (LDE) with CE2EYN (partial echo on Union)

Diffusion wave ground with reflexion Meteor-Scatter - on silence zone - Skip 175Kms

Reflexion MeteorScatter - Burt with F8AOF - Skip 385Kms

Reflexion F2 with CE2WZ - 29.100Khz AM - Skip 11600Kms

Reflexion Meteor-scatter - Ping F5TMJ - Toulouse/Grenoble - Skip 385Kms

Reflexion Sporadic-E - CN8SG/QRP - 29.100Khz FM - Kenitra/Grenoble - Skip 1600Kms

Reflexion Short-Skip - TK1CX Grenoble/Corse - Antenne indoor - Skip 440Kms

Long Delay Echo (LDE) - transmission CW with RU3XZ

Long Delay multi-echo (LDE) Illegible transmission CW with RU3XZ

Multi-réflexion LDE in LP/SP - F4FPG (230°) - F5OUX (40°) - QRB: 100Kms

Trans-horizon radar OTHR